Fedora + Laptop + Suspend then Hibernate

Recently I discovered that Windows has a pretty cool feature – after sleeping for a while the system will automatically hibernate. This is a pretty nice feature for a laptop, you just close the lid and after a while it will automatically turn off.

Laptop + GNOME + NFS

I’ve been using NFS for connecting to my storage for years. Mostly this has been on the desktop but recently I got a laptop and of course it had to have Linux (Fedora + GNOME). I quickly realized that using NFS was going to be problematic because of the nature of the mounting.

Securely Erasing Disks

It’s not often I find myself needing to wipe digital media, but every time I do it seems that I have to re-invent the wheel. I sat down and believe I finally have a good grasp on how to securely erase drives.

Persistent SSH Tunnels

There are various uses for having a persistent SSH tunnel, similar to why you’d want a VPN but less complicated since network routing is not in the scope of these tunnels.